Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some of Our Selections

We choose Elevation A with brick front for our Rome.  Here are some of our selections:


  • Siding - Autumn Beige
  • Exterior Trim - Sandy Tan
  • Garage Door/Gutter Spout - Desert Tan
  • Shutters - Dark Spruce
  • Front Door - Cape Royal
  • Brick - Falshed Northern Rose
  • Roof - Black
  • Hardwood on all of first floor except Study - Manchester Cherry
  • Study - Carpet - Exactly Right Stucco w/ 8 lb padding
  • Basement/Stairs/Upstairs - Carpet - Exactly Right Stucco w/8 lb padding
  • Laundry Room - Vinyl - Initiator
  • Master Bath - Brixton Mushroom Ceramic Tile
  • Secondary Baths (Hall/Basement) - Acacia Beige Ceramic Tile
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Gourmet Island w/Santa Cecelia Granite (I can't remember name of cabinets)
Loft instead of 5th bedroom, sitting area in Master Suite instead of extra bathroom in Room #4


  1. Great Selections Shay-Rod! I look forward to seeing the exterior combination! It sounds very pretty. I think a pink/blue combo! It's nice to see people coming up with creative combinations for the exterior. This is the one area where we had to stick with the basic colors since the colors I wanted were already chosen. In the meantime, I am just happy to be building! HOLLA!

    btw--I am loving the name of the carpet---whatever it looks like I am sure it is EXACTLY RIGHT!!

  2. RickandNadase you are funny. These color names are tripping me out. We probably need to ask for extra paint. When is your official date now? I think the weather should be alright the next couple of days.

  3. LOL we were given January 15, 2013 as our completion date. Hopefully this changes and we can close the last week of December to celebrate New Year's Eve in our new home! Typically after the drywall, the PM can confirmed the closing date.