Friday, September 14, 2012

After the Contract Was Signed

So we sold our house, moved in with relatives and signed our purchasing agreement in July.  We thought we could start our building pretty soon and be in the new house by some time in November.  The SR told us that our estimated delivery date would be some time in December.  All the color went out of my face.  I wondered what was going to take so long.  Our SR told us that we had to wait in line to break ground.  OMG!!! She told us we would be on the schedule to break ground around September 15.  I got really weak.  I didn't want to stay with relatives for 6 months.  The SR told us that there was a free week to break ground on August 27 but we would need to schedule our appointments with all the vendors ASAP.  So we scheduled the meeting with NVR 5 days later.  We took all of our paperwork and met with the loan officer and she told us that they would try to get the loan approval in the next 2-3 weeks so that we could break ground on the 27th.  We had our meeting with CTI and Guardian and put in our change orders with the SR in less than a week.  We thought we were all set.  As August 27 drew closer we had not heard anything from anyone.  We forgot we had to have a pre-construction meeting before breaking ground.  So my husband and I were thinking "no news is good news".  Huh!!! At 9:00 pm on August 23, we received an email from the loan officer asking for more documentation.  What she didn't realize was that we would read the email right away (thank goodness for smartphones).  I had the documentation.  I wrote back to her immediately asking why she would ask for documentation at 9:00 at night.  She went on the explain that underwriting needed it and they had meetings (Ryan and NVR) for the last two weeks about us .  I told her they were trying this as a stall tactic to reschedule us among other things (too much to type).  I sent our SR an email and asked her if we were going to break ground on the 27th.  I didn't get a response until I resent the email the next day.  I finally got an answer that we were not going to break ground because we would have needed an approval by August 16 to break ground then.  We didn't know that. I sent a harsh email to the SR, then she forwarded to the loan officer.  Both were trying to explain themselves. It's been all these excuses etc so bottom line is we were back to breaking ground around Sept 10.  SR set up meeting with PM 4 days before and there were some issues. We wanted a flat lot (or as flat as possible) so that we could walk out to the yard from with morning room with only 2-3 steps and a welled walk up exit from basement. Well PMsaid the basement would be a walkout and there would be about 9 steps coming out of the morning room. We were livid. The PM will see what he can do. If not what is Ryan going to do?  We paid for a welled walk up basement in our contract.  I'm just not happy with answers when we run into issues. Stay tuned. Going tomorrow to see what progress has been made.

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  1. What did they ever do about the walk-out/walk-up basement?