Saturday, September 15, 2012

Building Blocks to the Rome

We are so excited.  We went to our lot today and they have done a lot in a week. We have foundation, electricity, water, cable lines. We met some of our future neighbors Including Nadese and even caught a glimpse of Sheldon and his family moving in.  The smile on his face when he drove by was priceless.  I can't wait until we get to that point.

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  1. I concur! Sheldon's smile spread so wide you could see his pearly whites!! lol I can't wait until we get to that point too. I like the title of your post because it exemplifies what we have incorporated as eight building blocks to our Rome:
    Brick #1 Nurturance
    Brick #2 Honor
    Brick #3 Encouragement
    Brick #4 Acceptance
    Brick #5 Humility
    Brick #6 Truth
    Brick #7 Grace
    Brick #8 Commitment