Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm starting this blog today because we had our Pre-construction meeting today. I think I should have started it the day we made our first visit to the Ryan Homes model in December 2011. After months of waiting we are scheduled to start building on Monday, Sept 10. I'll go over all my notes and post about our experience from December 2011 until now. Technically, we haven't been waiting this long to break ground. We signed our purchasing agreement towards the end of July. It took a lot to get to that point. I'll share that as well. As soon as I catch up with that, then I'll share our building experience and hopefully post some pictures. Please be patient with me. This is my first time blogging.


  1. Welcome Welcome Welcome To RH Blog Land and Fairwood Community!! Can't wait to read about your journey thus far!

    I would love to follow your journey, please include the join this site button on your site, if you would like the blog family to follow your journey too.

    Please feel free to follow our journey, click the join this site button on our page at

  2. I'm new to this. Where is the "join this site button".

    1. Okay Sure!
      Go to account settings and click on layout and click on "add gadget" read the list that indicates allow followers to your blog...something like that and click add

      After that, go to settings, look for word verification and click no....this helps follower leave a message without having to verify a code in order to leave a comment.

  3. Welcome to blogging! I've been in my new Ryan Home for a month now and I'm still blogging away! Feel free to check out my blog at

    Also, please turn off the word verification. It makes it easier for people to post comments.

  4. Welcome! We're breaking ground the week of September 17th. If you're so inclined you can check out our build at

    I can't wait to read your backstory!