Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Story From The Beginning

I apologize in advance if I leave out anything or if I jump around. My husband decided he would post as well so he will be able to add some things that I may miss. We first stopped by the Ryan Homes sales office in Fairwood on December 30, 2011. Angela set us up with an appointment on January 8, 2012.  My husband and I were in the middle of renovating our home.  We looked at several homes (short sales, foreclosures, and some resales) and just became frustrated. We weren't finding everything we wanted so we decided to try new construction.

So we spent over 4 hours with Angela going over the Rome and it's feature and options.  I didn't know the whole process so to make a long story short we weren't ready to purchase. We realized there was nothing we could do until we sold our house. Angela told us she could refer us to an agent to come and assess the house to see if we were on the right track. We waited a while before we contacted the broker. Every day I looked at that Ryan Homes website and dreamed of the day we would live in the Rome.

We completed the major renovations and met with the agent and signed a listing agreement on March 24. We didn't put the house on the market immediately the agent set up a meeting with a home stager and she told us things to do to make the house more attractive (change paint color, touch up, add plants, etc) for the showings.  We officially placed our townhouse on the market on April 28.

We After several more trips to meet the SR, the only way to purchase was to do a contingency. So I was so very impatient with the selling process. We received a contract on June 19 and the potential buyers wanted to go to settlement on July 10. This actually was pretty quick. We called our SR to tell her of the settlement date and to ask when we could come down and sign the contract. Due to her busy schedule we couldn't meet until July 22.   I really cut this story short.  You all don't need to know my frustration with our agent and the closing process. I'm tired of typing. I'll talk about the process from the contract to breaking ground in my next post.

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